At Kismet Inn we try our best to make your stay in Hopkins Belize like you are at your second home. We are always available for conversation or some suggestions on where to go and what to do. Tours can be arranged to go fishing or snorkeling. We have day trips to private Cayes off our coast. We offer free Bikes to pedal around Hopkins and free WiFi for you to keep in touch with your families at home. We are a Bread and Breakfast in Hopkins Belize.

Call us from stop sign in Hopkins for pickup. If available, I will be there in minutes on my utility scooter.


Kismet Inn
On The Beach
North Hopkins
Stann Creek District
Belize, Central America
Email or call for your reservation

**~Free Pick Up~**

Dinner Family Style

 Drum Parties on the Porch

**~Lunch~**  And   **~Dinner~**

We take your laundry seriously! Give it to us in the morning, and it will be washed, hung up and folded later the same day $10.US


Seafood and Vegetarian dishes are our specialty $14. US more or less.  Fresh catch of the day, caught by Elvis or local fisherman, is offered first. Grilled, fried, baked, barbecued, or sauteed in many sauces: Mango Tango, Coconut Curry, red or green, Thai sauce with many flavors, hard to identify them all when tasting, a hot Peanut Butter, Hollandaise Piquant, or a Red Creole sauce for starters. With a variety of homemade breads, fresh, baked right at dinner time, a crisp salad with Kismet's aged mango vinaigrette salad dressing, colorful selections of vegetables served over Brown rice, Coconut rice, Pastas or Potatoes. We also offer Shrimp, Crab, Skate, Lobster & Conch in season. Meats, thick cuts of pork chops, juicy beef steaks, tender lamb chops and local chicken. We also make Pizza to order on request. Birthdays or other happy occasions we make cakes and hold parties with the Drummers who play and get all up to dance. I respect all with eating allergies, and special requests due to diet, or health issues. We are not only a Hotel and Hostel, we are also a full service restaurant.

Brewed Belizan Coffee$1.50US. Fresh tropical fruit, Stuffed fry jack, Eggs with cheese and vegtables, or your way $6.00US

**~Breakfast Menu~**